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Who Are We?


Tucker Total Training was founded on the belief that personal training should be available to any and everyone who is interested in it. We provide in-home individual and group training using customized programs specifically designed for your goals, wants, and needs. Our programs are also tailor-made to fit into any budget and are a great fit for beginners and the more experienced alike.


Our T3 Trainers know how difficult it is to get back into shape, and pride ourselves on making the process as enjoyable as possible :) We believe that the more fun our clients have while training, the more likely they are to stick with it and hopefully incorporate it as a lifestyle change.


T3 is a personal training business founded by certified wellness professionals. Our trainers and massage therapists hold numerous higher education degrees and certifications. For more information, please email us at


We boast twice the service for half the price! Affordable personal training and massage therapy brought to you!